Below are some commonly asked questions by visitors to our site with regards our UK VPS hosting service.
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Why choose Farbyte's UK VPS?

There are a number of things that we, and our clients, believe makes Farbyte VPS hosting services better than other suppliers.

Real Industry Leading Support

Time and time again, our clients praise us for our excellent levels of customers support, as can be verified from our testimonials page. We pride ourselves in going that extra mile when helping our clients.

Highly Available Replicated Storage

All our VPS are also fully replicated to standby servers in real time, thus every disk write that is performed on the VPS is sent to another server. This means that your VPS and its data are stored in two locations. So if anything bad should happen to the primary server, we have a full, up to date copy of your VPS stored on another server.

Security As Standard

In front of every VPS we employ sophisticated Intrusion Prevention (IPS) technology that monitors every single packet that comes in and out of our network looking for unwanted and potentially dangerous activity. This provides a level of security that simply is not available from any other UK VPS provider that we are aware of.

Engineered Hosting Platform

Unlike the vast majority of other UK VPS providers, who simply by 'off the shelf' servers, all Farbyte VPS hosting servers are specifically designed for the purpose of hosting VPS by our highly qualified and skilled engineers. This means that you get very high levels of performance and stability, whilst only paying budget level prices.

Enterprise Grade Technology

Finally, all Farbyte VPS are built on enterprise grade hardware. We use only server grade CPU, DISK, RAM, etc. to build our hosting servers, thus further ensuring the highest levels of performance and stability. In addition, each VPS uses enterprise SSD caching technology, which speeds disk reads and writes up, particularly in traditionally problem areas such as random disk access. We know of no other UK VPS provider that gives their customers this level of service at such budget prices.

Where are the Farbyte servers located?

All Farbyte VPS hosting servers are located in Manchester, UK.

What VPS platform does Farbyte use?

At present we use only OpenVZ VPS hosting platform.

Can you explain the VPS cloud storage?

Our cloud VPS storage is based on disk replication from the VPS hosting server to a secondary server within our infrastructure. Every disk write that is performed within the VPS is replicated to the secondary server in real time, so we always have two copies of your VPS and all of its data for recovery purposes.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there are no contracts to sign. You can stop using your VPS at any point and simply not pay the next invoice.

What is the geo-location of the IP addresses that are assigned to my VPS?

At Farbyte we are full members of RIPE, the organisation that regulates the IP addresses and internet for Europe and the Middle-East. As such we own our IP address space which is geo-located exactly where we are... in the UK!

Do I get root access?

Yes, all VPS are supplied with full root access.

Can I run a UK proxy on my VPS?

Yes, you can run a proxy on your VPS. However, we do not allow open, public proxies to be run (e.g. proxies that do not require user names and passwords to access them).

Can you provide managed VPS services?

Yes, managed service can be added to any of our VPS plans.

What payment options are there?

At present we accept payments through our secure payment partner, Paypal. You can pay for you VPS with your Paypal account, or any credit / debit card that Paypal support. In addition we accept UK bank transfer via sanding order, BACS and Faster Payment Server (FPS).

What billing periods are available for VPS?

VPS can be billed in every 1, 3, 6 or 12 month periods.

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